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I know it’s been long enough that I have been missing from my blog. No excuses really other than my university started and I swear to god, I didn’t expect this year to be this crazy. I literally have been in this loop of waking up at 7 am and sleeping at 3 am, and I am struggling. Like real bad. 

Anyway, last month had been great! I started with a collaboration with Jack Wills. Can you believe it? Like really? I can’t and I was thrilled when I received the parcel.

So this is their Keswick Down Jacket and I am so glad I chose this for myself. I was thinking to get a jacket like this for the longest time but always thought it wouldn’t look good on me. So, I kept on postponing it but when I got the chance this time, I just knew I had to try this.

It’s the lightest jacket and keeps me  real warm. London’s weather is certainly getting chilly and I am wearing this non-stop 🙈 No jokes, I think I need to give it a break real soon.

Here, I just paired it with a leather skirt  and a tank top both from Primark, and they belong to my sister btw! Yes, digging her wardrobe a lot more these days. I think it looks pretty good. Alright that’s about it. See ya later x

Photography- Anindita Das

Jacket- Jack Wills

Skirt- Primark 

Top- Primark

Boots – H&M


For the longest time I had refused to wear bright colours, I have no idea why! It’s just one of those things that goes inside your head without any valid reasoning. Anyway, I am over that phase now and popping reds and yellows are such stables in my wardrobe at the moment.  Bright colours looks so fresh and youthful, something I totally love. The skirt that I am wearing is basically what I have re-used from a metallic gold skirt. All I did was to reverse it and I was left with a brand new metallic black skirt. I styled my outfit with golden bangles, a choker and space buns. That’s the theme I was going for. Read More

I was the kind of person who wouldn’t repeat much clothes whatsoever. My mom wasn’t happy about it and my bank balance would stay low forever. Then I just thought, I was being plain stupid and I definitely should make use of my existing wardrobe before buying any new clothes. Read More

Do you remember the  song “Wannabe” of the famous girl band Spice Girls ? May be? May be not? Anyway, this is the staircase where it was shot. How amazing is that, right? It is absoluetly grand,elegant and eye-popping. It’s just one of those things you would love to stare at for hours. I know I know, it’s just a staircase but it has been so intricately designed that you would be in awe of it when you see it in person. If you are around Central London and want to see the  Grand staircase of St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London, surely do that. Alright, that’s it for today. See you later x Read More

Alright, so I have a list which consists of places I want to visit and Durdle Door was one of them. Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast, West Lulworth in Dorset, England. One astonishing fact about Durdle Door is and it is privately owned by the Weld family, WHAT??YESS!! I KNOW RIGHT?

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I was absoluetly thrilled to tick this off my bucket list. 25 acres of the Mayfield Lavender field was mesmerisingly beautiful and smelt of lavender well,Obviously!  This is like one of those places where you just feel at peace.   Loads of bumble bees hover over the dainty stems of the farm.Read More

At times it feels like we are all running to be somewhere, or to be someone. There is always a rush in our lives, like we don’t even stop and think why are we even doing this? Like, I totally get it that we are all trying to be successful, be independent, take responsibility for our own actions and stuff like that. But somehow we always forget that it is so important to reflect on ourselves and take five minutes off from our busy schedule and just enoy it a bit.

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As you know I graduated this month and I needed a break from all the stress I was going through. So, we decided for a quick getaway to Weymouth and Durdle Door. I just needed this to clear my head and  have a good time with my girls. This was more of a relaxed and unwinding trip where we just chilled out on the beach, went for lovely walks and cozy meals. Read More

I love staying in my city but then the hustle and bustle of it makes me feel a bit tired. So, we decided to visit Richmond Park as it is in only one and a half hours journey from London. It is such a beautiful place to visit with your loved ones. You get to see squirrels, rabbits , birds and deer. How amazing is that! This place is outstandingly beautiful with gardens and beautiful flowers. Richmond park looks like a fairytale.

If you will be travelling from Central London Baker street, you can take the Hammersmith and City Line towards Hammersmith and get down at Hammersmith Station. Change to District line towards Richmond. Then get down at the Richmond station and walk towards Richmond bus Stop (D) . Catch Bus 65 towards Kingston and get down at Ham Gate Avenue. Then, all you got to do is walk for 13 mins and ther you go Richmond Park.

There is no entry fee so, have great time x

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When something goes wrong, we always question “why me?”. We never get the answer back but somehow we hope we do. The thing with disaster is , it can strike anytime, anywhere and you can find yourself standing in midst of it and losing everything you have. It makes you feel helpess and noone to hold on to, but that’s what makes us stronger.

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