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January 2017 | Nothing Much
Olive frills graphic

Olive frills

  Hello! It feels like ages I wrote something on my blog. Anyway,few days back I picked up this lovely olive frill dress from Zara and I loved it from the moment I saw it, so I had to bring it home with me. This dess has a bit of mesh detailing on the neck […]

COVER UP graphic


Cover up, someone said as her dress rode up her knees. She was a ten years old, young, happy girl wearing her favorite frock her mom gifted on her birthday. She did not understand what that meant at that moment but she did as she was being told and certainly she did not know what […]

Much Metallic graphic

Much Metallic

  Hello, first of all a very happy new year, I hope you had a great time. ¬†Twenty Seventeen is already here and it just feels all kind of amazing. I had a great new year eve and I feel very pumped up for the rest of the month…

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