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April 2018 | Nothing Much
Dreaming about samosas and dancing to Lunapop graphic

Dreaming about samosas and dancing to Lunapop

I moved to the United Kingdom in around 2013. So, when I went for my induction, almost everyone had an iPhone with them. It practically felt like I was the only one with a Blackberry but what came next was more interesting. Culture shock ! It was way  different than I had anticipated. Quite frankly, […]

Books and More graphic

Books and More

Whenever I am travelling I always pick up a book from the airport and that book becomes my souvenir . Then the next time I read the book , it feels good to look back and re-visit the memories of the trip. I was certainly not into books when I was in school. The school’s […]

Blooming graphic


  London is beautiful right now. It is sunny and warm  and everything I love. It feels like we are jumping straight into summer by skipping spring and I am totally not complaining. I feel really good when it is sunny outside. It just has a happy vibe to it. The parks are full of […]

Glossy page graphic

Glossy page

  If you are aware of set-wet hair gel from 2004 (I think it was 2004), we were obsessed with the idea of it. My sister, cousins and I decided to get the ₹10 pack just to try it. I remember the advertisement showing some very drastic changes and we all wanted our hair to […]

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