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May 2018 | Nothing Much
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When something goes wrong, we always question “why me?”. We never get the answer back but somehow we hope we do. The thing with disaster is , it can strike anytime, anywhere and you can find yourself standing in midst of it and losing everything you have. It makes you feel helpess and noone to hold […]

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Popping Yellow

The best thing about staying in a city for a very long period of time is, you get to see those places which is not very touristy. They have a charm of their own and it somehow shows how beautiful the city is away from all the crowd and buzz. Yes, I definitely love London […]

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Neal’s Yard

Neil’s Yard is a beautiful place in Convent Graden, everything seems chirpy there with lovely colorful buildings. It is  one of the most instgrammable places of London, I can totally see why photographers wants to be there. Also, the outfit I wore is perfect for the spring / summer. The skirt is cotton and white […]

iPhone Capture graphic

iPhone Capture

    iPhone photography is a thing now and we all know it. People are really changing the way they take photos, considering there are 3.4 million photos on Instagram with the #shotoniphone hashtag, . Well for me, I started with my phone when I used to post daily on Facebook. Yes, it was annoying […]

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