New Year is just round the corner and I am pretty excited to do the countdown to welcome 2017 with loads of happiness and love. Right when the clock strikes 12, everything just changes like it feels electric. Everyone bursts into happiness and hugs each other, putting aside all the bad feelings for the previous year.

So, coming back to this post, every year when it comes to this time of the year I always pick up a dress for 31st night because that is the easiest way to look put together…

Today I decided to wear a navy blue dress from Life, which I got in 2011 from Shoppers stop. Like literally, I never managed to wear this dress for some reason or the other and I felt like this is finally the time to wear it. It is a very simple strappy bodycon dress which ends right below my knees. I kept the look pretty minimalistic with just a pair of stone earrings from GlobusĀ to bind the look together. As it is new year I wanted something very blingy and the earrings managed to do what I wanted, and I was very happy with how everything turned up.












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