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Guide for Black Friday Deals graphic

Guide for Black Friday Deals

Black Friday week just kicked in, and literally so many coupon codes are available which is a tad bit overwhelming. So, I just thought to write it all down in one place so that you can get the best deals avaiable. It will be a mix of high-end as well as high street. Although, not […]

Blogging 101 graphic

Blogging 101

Happy Birthday! 🎂 So, today marks two years of my blogging journey and I’m very happy about it. To be honest, it doesn’t feel crazy but the amount of events that have happened in the last 6 months has been absolutely overwhelming. I would just like to mention that the growth of my blog has […]

Rangeela graphic


When something goes wrong, we always question “why me?”. We never get the answer back but somehow we hope we do. The thing with disaster is , it can strike anytime, anywhere and you can find yourself standing in midst of it and losing everything you have. It makes you feel helpess and noone to hold […]

Books and More graphic

Books and More

Whenever I am travelling I always pick up a book from the airport and that book becomes my souvenir . Then the next time I read the book , it feels good to look back and re-visit the memories of the trip. I was certainly not into books when I was in school. The school’s […]

Doing it differently graphic

Doing it differently

Doing it differently 1.Be grateful We are so caught up with our busy schedule that we totally forget to appreciate what we have. I find myself complaining when something goes wrong but then I forget to feel grateful when I can sleep inside my warm duvet in -3 degrees. One day I sat down and […]

So not okay graphic

So not okay

I  sit and stare. It’s a room filled with immense lights to light up the world. Although, I feel this really weird sensation in my body. My palms are sweaty just like when I run down the stairs. My heart leaps and my brain commands me to stop, as it creates the most unrealistic scenarios […]

Shining Bright graphic

Shining Bright

At times everything just falls apart and you fall down. You lose all your strength, you lose your sight. You feel like you cannot stand up again. It seems like everything is over, everything you worked so hard for is not there anymore. Like in a jiffy, it is gone. Vanished in the air, as […]

Finding myself graphic

Finding myself

  Last night I was working till four o’clock in the morning and was absolutely exhausted. I couldn’t wait to fall asleep but when I was on the  bed I was restless and kept on tossing. I sat up straight and tried to figure out, what was troubling me. I did not get an answer […]

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