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I moved to the United Kingdom in around 2013. So, when I went for my induction, almost everyone had an iPhone with them. It practically felt like I was the only one with a Blackberry but what came next was more interesting. Culture shock ! It was way  different than I had anticipated. Quite frankly, it was intimidating and I found myself totally out of proportion.

The way they talked , dressed , ate was so different than mine. Yes! I have seen in movies that they have a very different lifestyle. But, I never really thought I would struggle when it came to coping up.

Kent is different than London. It is a beautiful place with pretty lanes and most people you meet are either British or European so obvisouly they had different accents. I swear to god, I couldn’t understand a word they said. I used to be like sorry..sorry..sorry..which was a bit of a bummer.  Whereas in  London, you meet people from all over the world and you are bound to find someone who has the same taste like you.

So, the point of telling all this is, culture is  a very powerful thing. It is influential and it moulds us to be the person who we are today. I believe we should never forget our roots but we must integrate the better things from someone else’s culture too.

The series of photos you see are shot by amazingly talented Alia, who is half-Indian and half-Italian and her idea was to bring  two cultures together with a lot of colours. The jacket and Nike are so western but the jhumkas and the tikli are so Indian. It’s amazing to see how beautiful it turned out.

Photography and Styling – Alia Ramgolia 

Makeup – Laura Jorge

Published by – CryBaby Zine 

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