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All of a sudden I chopped off my hair right before my birthday, when the hair dresser blow dried my hair  I was on cloud 9 but the moment I washed my hair in my washroom, all of my fantasy crashed and my hair was so short that I freaked out. I just could not figure out what will look good on my face and spent hours facing the dilemma. So, today I just decided to create some easy fun hairstyles for short hair. The above picture is just my basic hair and that is how I keep my hair almost all the time….

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Grab some U-pins and bobby pins. Trust me you will need a lot of them.

Style One : Two sided Braid


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Part your hair from the middle and then create a simple braid like you usually do and secure it with a rubber band. It should look like the picture above when you are done with both the braid. Then just pin it at the back side of your head with bobby pins and then you are done.

Two-sided braid.

Style Two : Space Buns


Space Buns


This hairstyle is something my mom does whenever she is tired of her hair. So I just recreated it by opening the braids I made earlier and keeping the same middle parting. Then took each part of my hair and tied it in a bun. Do not worry if you see any hair poking out, just use U-pins to put it into place.

Style Three : Boxer Braid

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Take a small section of your hair from the front and then twist it like this..



Now  divide it into two sections and twist it three times then start grabbing small sections of hair and join it with each part and continue twisting  and when you are almost mid-way start start making a normal braid and then secure it with a hair band. Do the same on the other side and it’s done.


Boxer Braid





Style Four : Classy Braid


Take the front section of your hair and start braiding and when you reach the middle of your head start taking hair from the remaining bits, in short do french braid and then secure it with the rubber band when you reach the end.



Then roll it inside your hair to hide the rubber band and use lots of U-pin to keep it in place. You can see me doing the same in the picture below.


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This is the final result, I think you can totally do this when you have to go for  dinner with your friends or even if you have to attend a marriage party. It is easy and quick and will totally make you look classy at the same time.

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Style Five : Messy Hair

For this look you need a curling machine and a heat protectant spray just to protect your hair from the heat. I have used my Babyliss Curling Wand Pro and Toni&Guy heat protecting spray for this look. You can use any you like.





Make sections before curling, this will make the job easier for you. Or else you will be left with chunks of normal hair along with curly hair.




Always always always curl away from your face, if you curl inwards then it will not flatter your face that much ,so make sure you always curl outwards. 




You are done, you can part your hair according to your liking and can leave your hair just like that or may be take the tail of the hair and pin it inside just like I have done. This gives a very messy look and I really really like it.


I hope you liked this post 🙂





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