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iPhone photography is a thing now and we all know it. People are really changing the way they take photos, considering there are 3.4 million photos on Instagram with the #shotoniphone hashtag, . Well for me, I started with my phone when I used to post daily on Facebook. Yes, it was annoying and I accept it. There was no front camera in my Samsung Corby. So, I used to turn the phone and take selfies when selfies were not even a thing. So, let’s just say I have a thing for my own pictures. Sounds a bit narcissistic but let’s roll with it.

All I want to say is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to take good quality pictures.  Mobile phones are replacing cameras and they are doing it fast. Below are the guidelines on how to take super-amazing pictures with your iPhone. For the record, I use Iphone 7 plus.

a. Switch on the grid mode from the settings options. It makes life easier and it helps you to see where the subject is in the grid.  There is a rule of thirds- the picture looks the best when they are in the intersection of two grid lines. It’s appealing.

b. Learn to adjust the brightness of the picture. When you tap on the phone a square would appear, which focuses on the picture while you can adjust the brightness. Over-exposed or under-exposed looks plain bad. Do not leave everything in the hands of editing.

c. Use the AE/AF lock. This comes up when you press on the screen and focus on the subject. This feature helps you lock the focus.  So, even when you are moving, you do not have to keep thinking about the focus. It will adjust on its own.

d. Shoot in burst mode. It helps you to capture a burst of images without having to touch the click button thousand times. You can always go back to choose the best picture from the sequence .

e. Use the HDR (High Dynamic Range) option . It gives you crisp pictures as it uses three different exposures and leaves you with the perfect exposure for the picture.

f. Take pictures using your volume button or your headphone buttons. It really helps and it keeps the subject in the frame that you have chosen for yourself with no shaky images.

g. Do not zoom in. It decreases the quality of the picture. If needed, move forward or crop the picture later. But never zoom in. The resolution becomes low and grainy pictures are not really that great.

Also, I just wanted to mention about the Portrait mode aka buy the expensive iPhone. I love it! I think it’s one of the most amazing features of iPhone. However, none of the above pictures are taken in the portrait mode. It is just the front-facing camera. So, do not just go jumping for the portrait feature and spend awful lot of money. But, make sure you wipe your front camera gently before taking the pictures.






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