Silly Note:  “ Please bear with my shouty capitals in the text below, that’s how I really emphasise the importance when I am writing because you cannot see my face which is highly dramatic most of the times when I am trying to put forward my view”

So, spring is here and I just cannot wait to go out and have some fun while digging  brownie out of Ben & Jerry’s. Well, that’s just me being me, but then my exams are knocking at my door and I just cannot keep the thought away from my mind.

My cousin brother is currently busy writing his final board papers. I called him up on Sunday and he was already preparing for his joint exams too and I was like really? Entrance exams freaks me out and I swear to god I fell asleep in my law one, but I did make it to the list.  Well, my dad had to scroll down quite a bit down the list to find my name and he was about to give up and then BOOM! there was me…

Yeah so coming back to my brother , I am not even giving his exams but I can imagine how overwhelming it can be to deal with all these at the same time. But you know what, it will be alright!

I know, I know, your parents keeps on saying give your best for your boards  and you will be sorted for life. That’s not the case to be very honest. You have to give your best in your boards, when you join a new college or a new job or whatever new you will do in your life. That is how it works and there is no end to it and parents clearly lie, mine did too. Well, for our benefit only so that we do something nice and meaningful in future and buy our own designer bags or may be play station without depending on anyone else. Quite a good thought tho! I know how vulnerable you might feel right now  thinking about the exams and then the results and college admissions. But you know what Do Not Freak Out. Everything is going to be A-Okay and everything will fall into place.

You know the funny thing is no-one will ask you, what was your percentage in your 12th Boards in five years time. Because no-one really cares they have other important things to do, may be buying  baby diapers or thinking about the new car they want to buy. Your nosey relatives will certainly do everything possible to know about your marks in upcoming months. So just sit tight, put on your seat belt and have some Sassy answers ready for them but “Keep An Eye on your parents when you do that” . Have fun answering them or may be feel a bit embarrassed  so that they shut up a little sooner than they usually do.

You might be thinking really hard about which college you will get into and how tedious the admission procedure will be. I get your point because I have seen those never ending lines outside the colleges in summer heat. It can be unbearable and frustrating  , although to be very honest I cannot relate to that because I did not go through the typical admission procedure , but I do feel you .  Mine was online and the mental pressure was pretty okay-ish.  Those phone calls with the authorities with a totally different accent was tough. Specially when I was saying ‘sorry’ a thousand times. I also accept the cut offs are crazy , when I was in my 12th grade it just felt like those luxury handbags I couldn’t afford. Do not be heart-broken if you get rejected by your dream college because there will be plenty more opportunities to work on and prove your worth. It can be overwhelming but you know the best thing after all these is, you will get through one of those colleges you apply to and you will have fun “ College Fests and bunking classes”.

Three years will fly-by, trust me I know it may feel like you have to work for three years to get one degree followed by two years for masters and that is when we can talk about a job. But when you actually start your degree, time just flies by and you will be left wondering, where did all this time go. Have the time of your life, meet new people, make friends. Do not hesitate to talk to others, they are normal 18 years old out of school just like you. They are actively looking for people to hang out with and make some awesome memories.

So, calm down take a deep breath and just say “ I know I can do it!”. Believe in yourself. Remember if you don’t, no-one ever will. At times you will feel down and dejected and question everything around you. You will feel something is not right and the sun is not shining bright like it used to. It is a phrase and it will pass by. Just stick to it and work for the dream you dreamt about. It is easy to give up but you know when you do stuffs you thought you will never be able to do, it feels pretty good.

Good Luck!


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