When I had to choose what I want to do after my High School, I chose law. But I really wanted to do something else,like be a writer. I just wanted to write my stories I create in my mind in the middle of the night.It was confusing and tough and my dad said writing would not pay my bills. Well, true enough we hear more unfortunate tales of not-so-popular writers more than the famous writers…

Back in 2009, I used to think whoever reads books and novels are the most boring creature in the world. I just could not get the fact inside my head that how can people read story books for 12 hours a day. If I had to do that for a living, I would have been starving by now with no power in my house. Then one fine day I was scrolling down my facebook page and saw this story popped up on my news feed. I clicked on it and tried to read it. The story was okay-dokay, nothing special, just a story of a cute couple. I do not know why but for the first time in my life I liked a page, which is related to stories and novels. Few days after I saw a post on the page saying the admin needs a new writer for the page. For a moment I thought, it was useless. The admin might have run out of story ideas but the next moment I was like why not I try to write one.

I was pleasantly surprised when I did write a five hundred words story and sent it to the page and the admin liked it. By the next day, I was an admin myself of the facebook page, IT FELT GODDAMN GREAT. As if I have achieved so much. I did not know I will feel like this but I actually did and from that day I started writing stories and there were these amazing people on the page who were supporting me wholeheartedly.

Before I knew anything else, I realised the world which is full of novels and stories is so colorful and wonderful. Reading storybooks could transport me to a whole different world I never ever thought of and I realised I was so wrong the whole time. I really felt so stupid but I was equally glad that I took the chance and wrote something, which became my passion over the time. So that is why I created this space for sharing what I love.



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