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As you know I graduated this month and I needed a break from all the stress I was going through. So, we decided for a quick getaway to Weymouth and Durdle Door. I just needed this to clear my head and  have a good time with my girls. This was more of a relaxed and unwinding trip where we just chilled out on the beach, went for lovely walks and cozy meals. Read More

I love staying in my city but then the hustle and bustle of it makes me feel a bit tired. So, we decided to visit Richmond Park as it is in only one and a half hours journey from London. It is such a beautiful place to visit with your loved ones. You get to see squirrels, rabbits , birds and deer. How amazing is that! This place is outstandingly beautiful with gardens and beautiful flowers. Richmond park looks like a fairytale.

If you will be travelling from Central London Baker street, you can take the Hammersmith and City Line towards Hammersmith and get down at Hammersmith Station. Change to District line towards Richmond. Then get down at the Richmond station and walk towards Richmond bus Stop (D) . Catch Bus 65 towards Kingston and get down at Ham Gate Avenue. Then, all you got to do is walk for 13 mins and ther you go Richmond Park.

There is no entry fee so, have great time x

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When something goes wrong, we always question “why me?”. We never get the answer back but somehow we hope we do. The thing with disaster is , it can strike anytime, anywhere and you can find yourself standing in midst of it and losing everything you have. It makes you feel helpess and noone to hold on to, but that’s what makes us stronger.

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The best thing about staying in a city for a very long period of time is, you get to see those places which is not very touristy. They have a charm of their own and it somehow shows how beautiful the city is away from all the crowd and buzz. Yes, I definitely love London Eye and Big Ben but there are so much more the city offers. My sister took me to this place and  this dates back to the 1600s. It has its own rustic and vintage look to it. The whole street is lined up with different restaurants and if you just walk past the street you get an almost empty wharf to yourself. Read More

Neil’s Yard is a beautiful place in Convent Graden, everything seems chirpy there with lovely colorful buildings. It is  one of the most instgrammable places of London, I can totally see why photographers wants to be there.

Also, the outfit I wore is perfect for the spring / summer. The skirt is cotton and white which just makes me feel so breezy and comfy. You can totally wear this to a brunch or for a day out. The best part is the outfit costed me only £14.

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iPhone photography is a thing now and we all know it. People are really changing the way they take photos, considering there are 3.4 million photos on Instagram with the #shotoniphone hashtag, . Well for me, I started with my phone when I used to post daily on Facebook. Yes, it was annoying and I accept it. There was no front camera in my Samsung Corby. So, I used to turn the phone and take selfies when selfies were not even a thing. So, let’s just say I have a thing for my own pictures. Sounds a bit narcissistic but let’s roll with it.

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I moved to the United Kingdom in around 2013. So, when I went for my induction, almost everyone had an iPhone with them. It practically felt like I was the only one with a Blackberry but what came next was more interesting. Culture shock ! It was way  different than I had anticipated. Quite frankly, it was intimidating and I found myself totally out of proportion.

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Whenever I am travelling I always pick up a book from the airport and that book becomes my souvenir . Then the next time I read the book , it feels good to look back and re-visit the memories of the trip. I was certainly not into books when I was in school. The school’s library looked really nice but then I was not interested in the books.  Oneday, I happen to read a book and got hooked into it. My mom had to literally make a whole new book shelf to store the novels we have.Read More


London is beautiful right now. It is sunny and warm  and everything I love. It feels like we are jumping straight into summer by skipping spring and I am totally not complaining. I feel really good when it is sunny outside. It just has a happy vibe to it. The parks are full of cherry blossoms and the flowers are beautiful, this totally makes up for the gloomy days of London. I am currently trying to get the best out of the weather and sitting in hyde park while I am writing this and I am totally into it. Read More


If you are aware of set-wet hair gel from 2004 (I think it was 2004), we were obsessed with the idea of it. My sister, cousins and I decided to get the ₹10 pack just to try it. I remember the advertisement showing some very drastic changes and we all wanted our hair to look like that especially the wet hair look.

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