I am finally so happy that it’s just three weeks until Spring  and I can enjoy some sun. I couldn’t help and ended up wearing this dress on a sunny windy afternoon, If you are wondering this flowy dress is from Zara, and I am absolutely in love with. This just screams Spring to me and this is something I will wear alot.  This is totally my-kinda-dress because it is so effortlessly simple and comfortable..Read More

I really like this velvet-blue Next jacket for the reason that it saves me from  chilly winds. So, I visited St.Paul’s Cathedral today and wore it with my cropped grey pants from Pull & Bear  and an off-shoulder top which was gifted to me.   Enjoy the pictures and ignore the public behind me, the crowd was crazy on the bridge.Read More



It feels like ages I wrote something on my blog. Anyway,few days back I picked up this lovely olive frill dress from Zara and I loved it from the moment I saw it, so I had to bring it home with me. This dess has a bit of mesh detailing on the neck portion complimenting the frills in the dress.  I wore this with my navy blue heels from New Look and I think they made a really nice combination together. And, ofcourse I had to add my hoop earrings with this dress..Read More

Cover up, someone said as her dress rode up her knees. She was a ten years old, young, happy girl wearing her favorite frock her mom gifted on her birthday. She did not understand what that meant at that moment but she did as she was being told and certainly she did not know what she was signing up for.

Cover up your strap, someone said to her. She was 15 at that time, the growing and teenage phrase of her life. She was introduced to brassier 2 years back by her mom, when she could see the hormonal effect on her daughter’s body. It is a normal process, every girl goes through it and everyone in the world knows that women wear brassier under their clothes. But when someone catches a glimpse of it because her top has slid down a bit, it becomes very embarrassing for the one who pointed it out, and suddenly there is a need to cover it up. It is always a hush hush affair, where every women needs to be aware about their bra showing through their top or not. As if that is the only main concern she has in her life…Read More


Hello, first of all a very happy new year, I hope you had a great time.  Twenty Seventeen is already here and it just feels all kind of amazing. I had a great new year eve and I feel very pumped up for the rest of the month…Read More

New Year is just round the corner and I am pretty excited to do the countdown to welcome 2017 with loads of happiness and love. Right when the clock strikes 12, everything just changes like it feels electric. Everyone bursts into happiness and hugs each other, putting aside all the bad feelings for the previous year.

So, coming back to this post, every year when it comes to this time of the year I always pick up a dress for 31st night because that is the easiest way to look put together…Read More

She is awake in the middle of the night for some reasons she has no idea about. Her mind wanders, it goes somewhere, somewhere she has never been or witnessed. It just feels like she is stuck, to be more specific stuck in reality. She just finds herself in this situation where she is just completing the next steps without knowing what she actually wants. Just like the game Mario she used to play in her childhood, the next level comes up again and again and seems like it has no end to it…Read More


Clinique has launched 24 new Matt shades in the Clinique Pop lip color + primer range. I picked up two shades from the same range named as Icon Pop and Rose Pop. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and looks very luxurious, it comes with a metallic silver cap along with a velvety body, which is the same color as the bullet inside. The packaging makes it very easy to store..Read More



It was my cousin’s marriage yesterday so I flew back to kolkata to attend her wedding. I was very excited but at the same time I did not have anything to wear. So, for Mehendi ceremony I ordered a Biba skirt from Jabong along with a red crop top. But I was very disappointed with the top, so did not wear it. Instead I wore a missmore kurti and decided to tuck it inside my skirt. I paired it with a red chunri  from my closet and a jhumka to bind the look together…Read More


December is  finally here and so does the Christmas market. During winter, London just transforms itself into this small happy place where you can get Pink Cotton Candy and see Santa Claus almost everywhere. It feels so festive with all those pretty lights and Christmas trees. I went to Portobello Street with my sister and a friend of mine, it was so nice to see all those street stalls carrying vintage clothes,Indian food, Levi’s Jacket and colorful earrings…Read More