As the festive season is on full swing, I decided to jot down some of my favourite red liquid lipsticks.  As red screams so much of Christmas and I absolutely adore my red lipstick collection. I seriously cannot get enough of it.  So below are five red lipsticks which would be worth your money. Read More



Where is Maa?”  is the first thing I say whenever there is a conversation regarding Sarees. For me, Maa’s wardrobe is really amazing with  glittery Sarees which makes me feel so happy. Wearing her saree has  always been my preference, even when my cousin’s changed the plan last moment I still asked my mom to drape the saree on me.Read More

I  sit and stare.

It’s a room filled with immense lights to light up the world.

Although, I feel this really weird sensation in my body.

My palms are sweaty just like when I run down the stairs.

My heart leaps and my brain commands me to stop, as it creates the most unrealistic scenarios of how I can hurt myself if I miss a step.Read More


The magical time of my city has arrived. Durga Puja is already here. Kolkata is getting ready like a bride and the whole city will light up the entire universe in few days time. It is surreal and beautiful at the same time. The whole buzz in the city is so infectious that you have to step back a little bit and look at the bigger picture, which is absolutely stunning. From creative pandals and idols to the huge crowd to the colourful clothes to the gleeful faces, everything mixes up and creates a ball of happiness that lasts until the next time. Festive season brings people closer and nothing can get better than this. All the regrets and arguments are kept aside for the next few days. Everyone looks ahead to create great memories that can last a lifetime. But, then again the wait for a year begins with a bit of sorrow and longing in our hearts. When you are in my city, you will most definitely lose yourself in the vibe. It’s the most beautiful feeling you will ever have.
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Hello There!

I remember standing in Boots and being completely clueless about everything I saw there. I moved through the aisles and all I saw was loads and loads of makeup, it was absolutely crazy. No one approached to help me, which was really fine. Because I always used to shy away when someone asked if I needed any help. I picked up some of the products and all I could think was how do I really use a primer and how expensive they were. Anyway, so I really know how daunting it is when you first try your hands in makeup. So, I am breaking it down for you today.Read More

At times everything just falls apart and you fall down. You lose all your strength, you lose your sight. You feel like you cannot stand up again. It seems like everything is over, everything you worked so hard for is not there anymore. Like in a jiffy, it is gone. Vanished in the air, as if it was never there. Your mind stops working, you feel down with regret. You want to undo, what went wrong. You want to go back to the time when the sun was still shining bright and you still had the smile on your face. But it is not possible to get back what you have already lost. Is it not possible to feel secured like you used to before. It is not possible to be mad at yourself forever for the steps you have taken. You feel you have ruined it all and it is all-dark now trying to engulf you. You lose the slightest hope you have;Read More


Alright, I decided to be very productive after my exams. But of course, I became a sloth bear and was spending time on my bed watching Suits.  I did not even attempt to write any blog posts in like a month. But I am here now and I am so happy that it is summer. Literally I can’t be more happy, because a bright sunny day is very rare when you are in London. For a fact, I hate colder months. I do not even have a good reason to despise it, I just do..Read More


Last night I was working till four o’clock in the morning and was absolutely exhausted. I couldn’t wait to fall asleep but when I was on the  bed I was restless and kept on tossing. I sat up straight and tried to figure out, what was troubling me. I did not get an answer and that time I was feeling quite annoyed so I started scrolling down my Instagram, because why not. At that moment someone commented on my picture and I immediately said : “thank you”. This got me thinking; to be very honest my mind is a messy place so it went back to my school days. I remember when I was in year 10 and it was our last day in our school. We planned to go out to celebrate our very last day. Everyone was scribbling on each other’s shirt and slam books, promising to stay in touch and wish on each other’s birthday. It was a really weird feeling, to leave my school where I studied for twelve years..Read More