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Where is Maa?”  is the first thing I say whenever there is a conversation regarding Sarees. For me, Maa’s wardrobe is really amazing with  glittery Sarees which makes me feel so happy. Wearing her saree has  always been my preference, even when my cousin’s changed the plan last moment I still asked my mom to drape the saree on me.



I wore this on  Shoshti, which marks the first day of Durga Puja and I tried draping it on my own but it just ended up looking like a mess. So, ofcourse Mamma came to my rescuse and did it for me. I absolutely love simple minimalistic sarees as much as I love super glittery ones. This one I borrowed from my cousin who was more excited than I was and recommended me wearing a gold earring. Which I did , but apparently it was the wrong one and I disappointed her as she meant it in the different design. Sighs!



I feel every saree has an essence of it’s own, and makes me feel very homely. May be because I always connect saree with Maa and my culture,it is something very close to my heart and binds me to my roots.

One great thing about sarees is, it looks beautiful on everyone. No matter what your body type is and this is absolutely phenomenal considering so many people goes though body image struggle. It does not bind you to a specific size, instead it makes you look beautiful and feel confident whenever you wear it.


Saree- Cousin’s Closet

Photo credits- Anindita Das

Location- Kolkata

-Good Vibes- 

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