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Richmond Tales | Nothing Much

At times it feels like we are all running to be somewhere, or to be someone. There is always a rush in our lives, like we don’t even stop and think why are we even doing this? Like, I totally get it that we are all trying to be successful, be independent, take responsibility for our own actions and stuff like that. But somehow we always forget that it is so important to reflect on ourselves and take five minutes off from our busy schedule and just enoy it a bit.

I do not necessarily believe that you have to take a trip to an exotic place to relax, but may be grabbing a cup of hot cholocate in a quite coffee shop with your headphones on playing the songs you like will do the trick. Trust me, I can hear myself saying “It’s easy to say than to actually do it”. But that’s the point, right? We are so busy in what we are doing that we can’t figure out the time for simpler things in life.

I  do go out and sit outside by myself while sipping my cold coffee and basically doing nothing. I love that  and I feel it just clears out my head. It’s just like “me time” without the worries of my univeristy or which direction my life is heading. You know the usual we all worry about, all the time.

I really believe in the line ‘whatever happens, happens for a reason‘ and yes that’s basically it. See you later mates x


Outfit- Vest- Primark, Skirt- Pretty Little Things

Photography- Anindita Das

Location- Richmond Park



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