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Shining Bright | Nothing Much

At times everything just falls apart and you fall down. You lose all your strength, you lose your sight. You feel like you cannot stand up again. It seems like everything is over, everything you worked so hard for is not there anymore. Like in a jiffy, it is gone. Vanished in the air, as if it was never there. Your mind stops working, you feel down with regret. You want to undo, what went wrong. You want to go back to the time when the sun was still shining bright and you still had the smile on your face. But it is not possible to get back what you have already lost. Is it not possible to feel secured like you used to before. It is not possible to be mad at yourself forever for the steps you have taken. You feel you have ruined it all and it is all-dark now trying to engulf you. You lose the slightest hope you have; you cannot see any meaning of your life. But then again it is all in your head; it is your mind, which is playing you. It is creating a labyrinth from where you will never be able to come out. It is like those never ending parallel lines you see, which never meets.  There are no solutions available for the problem you are facing if you keep listening to your head. It is you who needs to be strong enough and put aside those voices in your head. You are way stronger than you think, your heart is more powerful than you think, and you are the owner of your own wish and desire. Nothing can pull you down until and unless you let it do that to you.  You made through it once. You can do it again. Just shine bright, rise high, lose fear, believe in yourself and everything will be fine.




Dress- Jabong, Heels- Reliance Trends



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