I am currently having my sister-made noodles with loads of cheese and chicken in it, and it is pretty good. Okay! Now my favorite part I went to Primrose hill, and I am so much in awe with this place that I swear it is not even funny. I really like this place for some reason and those pastel coloured buildings makes me want to take pictures of the same. As if I am some kind of creep taking dozen of pictures of someone’s else’s house. I just do it anyway, so yeah that’s just me..

Now coming to this post, Neha di was so sweet to send me this dress and loads of other stuff when my parents came to visit me, when I saw it I was  excited and sent her a picture the next morning wearing it and I looked hideous. So, I just thought l would wear it again and send her some better pictures. That is it , and  I know the dress is from Only, just in case  you are interested to know. I really liked it and the details on the back are a-awesome! Scroll down to see more of my face.



Dress- Only ; Heels – New Look


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