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Talking Chevron | Nothing Much

January was so eventful for me and I can’t believe it is already the second month of the year. Nevertheless, I am so looking forward to 2018. Somehow it just feels right. I am full of positive energy and something tells me that everything will be great and any worry at the moment is fixable.


Throughout January, I was running from one place to another that it literally left me exhausted. However, I am so grateful that I got to do that and gain a big bag of experiences, a gentle reminder to be a bit more responsible and make better life decisions.


Alright, so talking about London it is still freezing cold. So, I just find myself in sweater dresses and jumpers often. It is so cozy and warm, exactly what I need. I am trying to build my winter wardrobe, which I should have done way before *sigh*. But, better late than never. The one you see in these pictures is from Pantaloons and is perfect for Indian winter. It is just your casual go-to sweater dress, which you can wear practically anywhere, like for a movie date, brunch or classes. This is just age appropriate with a pop of colour and chevron print, which makes it more desirable to me.


Dress- Pantaloons, Shoes- Converse


-Good Vibes- 

Photography- Anindita Das

Instagram – @sobasicpictures


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