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I remember standing in Boots and being completely clueless about everything I saw there. I moved through the aisles and all I saw was loads and loads of makeup, it was absolutely crazy. No one approached to help me, which was really fine. Because I always used to shy away when someone asked if I needed any help. I picked up some of the products and all I could think was how do I really use a primer and how expensive they were. Anyway, so I really know how daunting it is when you first try your hands in makeup. So, I am breaking it down for you today.

Firstly, you do not have to break your bank for makeup. When you are starting out, you necessarily do not want to spend an awful amount of money, because drugstore makeup is really awesome. TRUST ME!! Do not think luxury makeup is better because of the high-price tag. There are products that are worth the money but then again drugstore have some really good ones too.

So when you are picking up the products please get yourself a sunscreen, it is so important to use it daily. It protects your skin from the harmful UV rays and will benefit you in a long run. Even if you are indoors and not wearing makeup, do use it.  I use the Neutrogena Sunscreen and it is great. When you first apply, it feels a bit greasy but then that sinks in and you can feel nothing.

Price- 350 INR.

Then prime your face, it creats a base for your makeup. It also helps to adhere your foundation and keeps it on place for the rest of the day. Primers can be a bit expensive but think it to be an investment. I use the e.l.f  hydrating primer for three weeks now, it helps my foundation to glide on smoothly. Although It doesn’t help much with the pores. If you need a pore filling primer then you can use Maybelline Baby Skin, it does a great job.

e.l.f price- 450 INR

Maybelline price – 700 INR

Next comes foundation, it is so difficult to find a shade for yourself. I know the drugstore brands are expanding their shade range, which is really appreciable. Always test out the foundation you buy no matter it is high-end or drugstore. Products can make you break out so be a bit cautious and take your time. You can always go back to the store to pick it up, just do not pressurize yourself. I am currently using NARS Sheer Glow foundation and it has buildable coverage. I picked it up from the duty free section so I got it on a discounted price. I personally do not like full-coverage foundation, as it feels too heavy on my skin. So, anything, which is buildable, is fine by me. But if you want to use full-coverage foundation go for it. You can try Maybelline Fit Me or L’Oreal Infallible if you are on the budget.

NARS retail price – 32 GBP (without the pump)

Maybelline price- 525 INR

L’Oreal price- 1400 INR

If you think you do not want to get yourself a foundation then get a BB cream. It is light and gives you a medium coverage. It is great to start with; you can always build your way up. I use the L.A girl Pro bb cream; this is my first BB cream ever. I really like it, when I have to rush to university this comes as a quick fix.

L.A Girl price- 650 INR

I do not really use concealer much, but if I do. It is Maybelline Fit me concealer, it hides my spots and is easily blendable. I am really not into those crazy Instagram makeup, so I skip it whenever I can. Because more products you put, more cakey it will look. So, it is a NO-NO for me.

Maybelline Price- 500 INR

Compact powder is necessary; it helps to lock everything you put on your face. Also, helps you to touch-up your makeup when necessary. I’m currently using Lakme Absolute and it works fine. You can use it both wet and dry, but it comes with a price tag. So if you are looking for something affordable then go for Maybelline Super fresh, it is plain amazing.

Lakme Price- 700 INR

Maybelline Price – 150 INR

After you have done your base, it is time to bring some dimension. So you can use bronzer as it gives sun-kissed look and this is absolutely my favorite step. I just like it and my face doesn’t look flat anymore. I use Stila Bronzer and it adds just the right amount of warmth.

My more affordable favorite bronzer is from Makeup revolution Bronzer Bronzed Kiss bronzer, it comes in a huge pan and it lasts for ages.

Stila price- I got it on discount for 12 GBP

Makeup revolution price- 650 INR

Blush! Blush! Blush! I love blush, it helps to bring the color back to your cheeks. It binds the look together, I hardly skip it when I doing full face of makeup. If you are confused how to choose your blush, you can use your lipstick as your guide. Get the blush shade somewhat close to the lipstick you are wearing. By no means I am saying that you should use bright pink blush if you are wearing pink lipstick. You get my point.

As I came back home and didn’t want to carry loads so I just got this e.l.f pallet as this got four shades and works for me. But if you just want one blush pick it up from the store, as there are loads.

e.l.f price- 500 INR

Brow pencil or powder is absolutely your preference. If you like filled up brows then go for this Maybelline brow pallet, I have hit pan in this one. When you do your brows, you just look a bit more put together.

Maybelline Price- 750 INR

Next comes Eyeliner and Kohl. I am very big fan of felt-tip eyeliners; it just makes it easier for me to create a wing. There are so many eyeliners in the market; I know you need no recommendation in this one. I am currently using Maybelline Colossal Liner, it works fine but it doesn’t stay for long. So I plan to change it when I am done with this tube.

Till my high school I used to wear Kohl pencil every single day of my life, but after that I just stopped using it. But if you into it, feel free to grab one for yourself. It is a great fix when you run out of your eyeliner; you can use Kohl to line your eyes.

I really like mascaras, most of the day I just use Mascara and dash out of the room. It makes you look more awake and if you feel like getting an eyelash curler do get it. It makes a difference and yes I just refuse to get high-end mascaras because you should change mascara in every three months. So, I just do not see a point to randomly throw away cash every three months on high-end mascaras when there are amazing drugstore mascaras. Currently I am using Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and it is great, it doesn’t crumble or fetter. I know it is high end but I got it as a gift. Just saying..

If you want some affordable mascaras go for Maybelline Colossal Volume and Maybelline Lash Sensational if you want waterproof one.

Urban Decay price- 19 GBP

Maybelline Colossal price- 400 INR

Maybelline Lash sensational price- 500 INR

Lipsticks, I think you should carry three shades with yourself and you will be good to go. One neutral shade, one pink shade and one red shade. The finish of your lipstick is absolutely your choice, some like liquid lipstick, which dries matt while some like glossy lipstick. So, just pick any you like. I am listing down my favorite lipsticks below.

Neutral Family

Colorbar in the shade Haute Latte– 900 INR

MAC in the shade Persistence – 1500 INR

Pink Family

NYX Soft Matt Lip cream in the shade San Paulo- 600 INR

NYKAA Paintstix in the shade Peaches and Cream – 425 INR

SUGAR smudge me not Liquid lipstick in the shade Brink of Pink- 499 INR

Red Family

Jouer Long-cream Lip cream liquid in the shade Frasie Bon Bon- 15 GBP

Finally, it is absolutely crucial that you set your makeup with a makeup setting spray. It locks your makeup in place and doesn’t budge even if you sweat. This is not 100% full proof but it will protect your makeup from melting in the heat. I use Urban Decay All-Nighter and it is a gem. More affordable option is L’Oreal infallible setting spray and Makeup revolution setting spray.

Urban Decay price- 23 GBP

Makeup revolution price – 1,000 INR

L’Oreal price- 999 INR

I hope this will help you with your starting kit and this post will give you some guidance.

I will see you in my next post 🙂

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