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Travelling skincare essentials | Nothing Much


I just got back from my impromptu vacation and it was a refreshing change. Waking up everyday to a great view was so appealing and I am sure I will be missing that view alot. 

In this post, I have jotted down some of the skincare items I carried with me for my trip. I am a lot finicky when it comes to my skin, and become overly critical about how my skin looks. That’s when I become paranoid and start googling remedies for my minor discomfort. 


I have combination skin and recently during that-time of the month I have started getting pimples which scares me so much. Just because of the fact that in my teen years I just got only one pimple and that was it. So, when three to four pimples appears at the same time I keep on checking my skin and think what to do about it. I just knew I had to take care of my skin even when I am travelling.


While packing  I wanted to travel light and carry fewer products which will work for me. So, while I was in the Clarins counter the other day, the SA handed me a bunch of samples of their popular products. Amongst those, I carried Clarins Multi Active- Jour Day creme. Throughout my stay, I used this every morning paired with my Lakme sunscreen before heading out. The cream is light and it was perfect for the hot and humid weather. It worked decently for my skin and I might just grab the full-size from the counter next time.

I have started using eye-cream form past six months and it has helped me to get rid of the dry patches under my eyes and that was my primary concern. The one I use is Mizon Functuional Formula- Snail Repair Eye Cream. This is a korean product, I got mine from Amazon UK. 


I always keep a handcream near me when I am going off to sleep. My hand feels really dry at night so I just use a bit of it and then call it a night. Currently I am using Néroli & Orchidee Perfumed Hand Cream from L’Occitane , it smells great and keeps my hand happy.


Lastly, a face mask from Soap & Glory- the Fab Pore because of all the travelling it takes a toll on my skin.  This mask feels very minty on the skin and have exfoliating properties in it, which also helps to get rid of the dry skin. Leaving my skin soft and fresh.

I hope this will help you when you go for your vacation next time.





Location credits- Novotel, Vizag

Photo credits- Anindita Das

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